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Mon, Sep. 25th, 2006, 01:31 pm
forsakendaemon: (no subject)

Due to the impressive lack of interest in Bartok and the increasing lack of referees, I am contemplating cancelling the game altogether, or at least reducing it to Saturday only. Well, more than contemplating, I'm seriously considering it.

Would there be any issues involved in reducing the game at this late stage?



Fri, Aug. 25th, 2006, 03:17 pm
altheas: Room Bookings

The Black Hole room's been added to the booking. The final bit of paperwork that needs to be done requires that I provide a few details that I don't have on me, so I'm throwing them out there to the more experienced ConOrgs.

1. Do we require need to hire any of these bits of equipment, and if so in what quantities?
A) Trestle Tables
B) Poster Boards
C) Urns

2. How many people do we expect to attend?

A few other questions with regards to the fliers. We'll be making up a bunch of posters to stick up around Mind Games and Melbourne Uni to advertise UniCon. For these posters we'd like to use the unicorn logo, so is there a better quality copy of the logo lying around, apart from the one at the front of the website?
Also, it'd be great to get those fliers as soon as possible, to maximize the number of people who will can be spammed with them.


Wed, Apr. 27th, 2005, 07:34 pm
jaquiej: Website

I'm in favour of either a more indigo (blue-ish) purple or a version of the muted cyan that has a lighter background.

That said, a choice needs to be made by everyone.

Website (with new stuff):


Go. Look. Think.

I would like to implement this before the next meeting (or immediately after at the absolute latest).

Comment as soon as you can please. It will get done faster.

Mon, Apr. 18th, 2005, 08:32 pm
jaquiej: Damien's Mock-ups

Damien has been searching desperately for a way to avoid work and so has been doing some mock-ups for the web-site.
They can be found here:


I like the baby-blue design best. It is the clearest layout, and if the colour is an issue, it can probably be changed.

D has offered to do some proper and thorough site design, including making AON usable for us. But I would like a yay or nay from you guys before I tell him to go for it.

In other news, I had a new committee bunny, but she resigned on me today, so that is no longer viable. Better luck next time I guess.

Oh, and the holiday was good. I will update my journal later.

Wed, Apr. 13th, 2005, 07:14 pm
jaquiej: Email from Damien

I recieved this from Damien today.
I asked him to change "will be" to "are currently" for Blurbs and gave him a date for Blurb submissions (30th June).

If this page is okay with you to use as a holder, please say so in a comment.


this isn't live yet, i thought putting in a holding page would be a plan

let me know :)